Barnard's Star

Snipe your friends, electrocute your enemies and rain down acidic slime in the Barnard's Star system, 6 light years from Earth. A multiplayer, turn-based tactics battler with no micro-transactions and no random chance - ingenuity is the only way to victory!

Barnard's Star screenshot
  • Choose between 3 warring factions: Humans, Robots, and Critters
  • Do battle with 24 characters using dozens of unique attacks and abilities
  • Conquer 9 different maps set on space stations and intergalactic cruisers
  • Play offline vs. AI, or locally against a friend (or even watch two AIs fight against each other)
  • Challenge friends and strangers with online multiplayer
Barnard's Star screenshot

It's asynchronous multiplayer, meaning that when you submit a turn in-game, it'll send a notification to your opponent. They then have 24 hours to submit a turn.

Barnard's Star screenshot

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