May 2019 Update Notes

Lincoln Bergeson

May 10, 2019

It's been a couple months since Card Crusade left early access in March. Thanks to our players, testers, and reviewers for reporting bugs and giving tons of feedback! We take notes on every suggestion and report that comes in and carefully consider each one. Without further ado, here's everything new and improved in the latest version of Card Crusade, available for download on TestFlight today!

Balance changes:

  • Pitcher changed to be consumable
  • Headbutt changed to do damage equal to half of your health
  • Hellish Grave altar changed to give two burning cards instead of three
  • Hideous Demon cards changed: Demon card costs zero energy, Imp cards cost 10 health, 2 energy, and are consumable
  • Animated Tree moved from floor 8 to floor 5, Genasi Rogue & Goons moved from floor 5 to floor 8, Mimic moved from floor 9 to floor 6, Brown & Gray Minotaurs moved from floor 6 to floor 9
  • Mitosis changed to do 5 physical damage instead of 6
  • Prophesy changed to be exhaust

UI changes:

  • The "end turn" clock icon is now on the bottom half of the screen, instead of up at the top
  • Moved the "X" button on the creature information view to the left side
  • Dodge and block effects go on the health bar with new icons, instead of off to the side
  • Automatically scroll to the top of the leaderboard when switching between classes
  • Zoomed out the battle view on iPhone X so that monster effect icons don't go off screen
  • View your current class power and recently used altars when you click on your player icon

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Two new procedurally generated floor layout styles: wheel with spokes, and "orderly" layout
  • Placed signposts with tips in the entry room of the first seven floors
  • A themed card background for each floor
  • Tutorial is always available to play
  • Clarified how to unlock the sorceror (magic damage instead of magic cards)
  • Track which classes you've beat the final boss with in the character selection screen
  • Altars are now stored on the Past Runs screen
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