Card Crusade v0.2 Patch Notes

JanPaul Bergeson

Jun 15, 2018

A big thanks to everyone who has been playtesting our game Card Crusade! If you've stumbled onto this page by accident and are interested in playing the game, fill out this form! We just need an email to register with Apple TestFlight or the Google Play Store beta testing program.

Biggest changes:

  • More monsters! Watch out for the Kobold Hermit & her blink dogs, Necromancers with their legions of undead, slimes, cobras, thieves, and more!
  • More floors! Venture to depths you've never before dreamed of (unless you've dreamed of floor #5)
  • More items! Bulk up with Tower Shield, make a deal with the devil through the Spooky Sword, and decimate your enemies with Cleave.
  • Levels! Your Hoodlum starts slightly weaker than before but will now get stronger and stronger over the course of each play-through. And it's a good thing, too, because the monsters on the deeper floors we added would eat the old Hoodlum for breakfast.
  • New animations! I mean there's only a few so don't get your hopes up too high, but check out what happens when you quaff a Health Potion or use a Jade Shard!
  • High score leaderboard! Compare your best runs with all the other playtesters! (We still don't have a per-person high score board yet, sorry about that)
  • Drag up for all cards! You no longer have to drag shields or potions the opposite direction from your attack cards!
  • At least one crazy combo! It only works if you get all the cards in the right order, so good luck trying to pull it off!
Other changes:
  • Better fonts
  • Numbers on all health bars
  • Crosshair showing the tile where the character is walking to
  • Highlight the end-turn button when you can't play any more cards
  • Show player card info when tapped
  • Tweaks to all encounters to make them more balanced & interesting
  • Removed 0-energy cards (RIP)
  • Fixed most of the bugs you guys reported, including:
    1. Being able to see through closed doors when you shouldn't
    2. Lots of glitches where you couldn't click anything at all
    3. Old text artifacts like "Long sword did 9 damage" still present when starting a new battle
    4. Scrolling on the player card menu would sometimes cause it to disappear
    5. Hoodlum somehow knowing how to get places through unexplored areas
    6. Text not fitting in its box
    7. Lots of weird levels where there was no way to get to the exit
    8. iPhone X display issues


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