Card Crusade: Early Access Released

Lincoln Bergeson

Dec 7, 2018

A week or two ago we released the first version of our first game to the App Store and Google Play! Card Crusade: Early Access is now available for $2.99 USD for both major mobile platforms.

Here are a few relevant links:

For our own records, and for anyone else who is interested in following along, here are some social media links:

Most of our traction so far (~200 sales and ~$600 in the first 3 weeks) has come from social media, primarily Reddit. We built up a list of play testers by posting and messaging individual commenters who seemed interested. Other than that, it's been mostly friends and family, as well as some word of mouth.

Previous Reddit posts are catalogued here as well, in reverse chronological order:

Anyway, enjoy the game!

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