Card Crusade v2.0 patch notes

Lincoln Bergeson

Feb 23, 2019

This update brings in several exciting new elements, and marks us officially leaving early access. We will continue to fix bugs and make improvements as they come up!

First, let's talk balance and other minor changes:

  • Gambling Ring now costs 1 energy
  • Tutorial has more helpful signage for first time players
  • Get extra gold when you turn down cards in treasure chests
  • The last three floors of the dungeon are considerably more difficult
  • Horcrux isn't break-the-game OP any more (damage stacks per card, not between cards)
  • A variety of small quality-of-life bug fixes

On to the big changes! There are new cards and a new game mechanic. Let's talk about the new cards first! All of the following cards are now available in chests throughout the dungeon and in the shop. We're excited to see how you surprise us with new combos!

  • Berserk: deals damage equal to max health minus current health. Costs 1 energy, 3 health.
  • Focus Strength: your next attack deals twice as much damage. Costs 2 energy.
  • Lucky Necklace: heal 2 hp. Costs 0 energy, exhaust.
  • Justification: heal 3 hp for every currently burning monster. Costs 1 energy, exhaust.
  • Confusion: deal a random negative effect on an enemy (stun, poison, weak, or burning). Costs 1 energy.
  • Book of Life: heal 1 hp for every card in your deck. Costs 2 energy, consumable.
  • Barrel Roll: deal 8 physical damage to the bottom row of enemies (sometimes empty) and 4 damage to the top row. Costs 2 energy.
  • Compound Bow: deal 12 physical damage to the top row of enemies. Costs 3 energy.
  • Angry Mob: deal 6 physical damage to a single target for each enemy on the screen. Costs 2 energy.
  • Royal Guard: gain 4 block for each enemy on the screen. Costs 3 energy.
  • Agility: gain 1 energy for each enemy in the bottom row. Costs 1 energy, exhaust.
  • Golden Bow: deal 12 physical damage and apply 2 burning to a single enemy. Costs 3 energy.
  • Pebble: deal 2 damage to an enemy. Costs 0 energy, exhaust.
  • Metal Buckler: deal 3 physical damage to an enemy, gain 3 block. Costs 1 energy.
  • Blue Mushroom: apply 1 stun and 2 weak to a single enemy. Costs 1 energy, consumable.
  • Pitcher: heal completely. Costs 5 energy, exhaust.
  • Blue Gem: heal 2 hp for each enemy on the screen. Costs 2 energy, exhaust.
  • Enflame: double the amount of burning on all enemies. Costs 2 energy, exhaust.
  • Mitosis: deal 6 damage and put a permanent copy of this card in your deck. Costs 1 energy, exhaust.
  • Dark Sword: deal 4 physical damage. Each time this card is played per combat, increase the damage of every copy of the card by 4. Costs 2 energy.
  • Lightning Rod: deal 20 magical damage and replace every card in your hand with a consumable ashes card. Costs 2 energy.
  • Investment: heal 1 hp at the end of each turn. Costs 3 health.
  • Poker Face: randomly discard 1 card at the beginning of each turn. Costs 2 energy, exhaust.

The other big change is the addition of altars! Floors 2, 5 and 8 now contain an "altar room" which has a special token on the floor that you can interact with. These altars let you make tradeoffs that can either end your run quickly, or supercharge your deck, depending on how prepared you are. We've created the following 12 altars that you can expect to see:

  • Uncharted Oasis: your player has better healing, but you now lose block at the start of turns
  • Dry Fountain: you gain 20 max health, but you can no longer use or find red health potions
  • Hellish Grave: burning enemies is more effective, but you gain 3 self-harming burn cards in your deck
  • Cemetery: applying weak to enemies is more effective, but all of your attacks now do less damage
  • Hideous Demon: add an extra powerful card to your deck, but also add 2 curse cards to your deck
  • Ring of Death: card health costs are doubled, but they now damage all enemies on screen as well
  • Piercing Dagger: your player deals more physical damage, but block is less effective
  • Double Daggers: your player deals more magic damage, but block is less effective
  • Vast Library: you get 2 extra energy, but you can no longer burn/stun/weak/poison your enemies
  • Royal Throne: poison is more effective, but you lose 2 hp at the end of each turn
  • Well Well Well: lose 10 max health, but start all battles with 10 block
  • Twisted Grave: lose 1 max energy, but energy now carries over to your next turn
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