Assets used in Card Crusade

Lincoln Bergeson

Jan 19, 2019

I've had a handful of people ask about what assets we used in Card Crusade. Here's the list!

  • Art: Oryx Design Labs Fantasy SpritePack. These are the sprites we used for the characters, monsters, most of the card icons, and pretty much everything in the world. It was somewhere around $35 and worth every penny. The game would feel TOTALLY different without it and wouldn't have that same old school pixel art appeal. We bought a bunch of their other packs to use in prototypes and other stuff. (Follow Jan on Twitter @residentJan to see prototype gifs and other stuff.)
  • Fonts: JazzCreateBubble, Tripfive, and 8bitoperator. The first two were free fonts from the Unity store that just stuck, and 8bitoperator is the font from Undertale. I found it in a website and honestly I'm not sure if it was legal?
  • Music: SkittleGirl Sound and Ph Intermedia. SkittleGirl's Retro RPG Music Volume 4 is what we used for the themes during the dungeon floor scenes. Ph Intermedia's 8 Bit Roots Revival: Fanfare is the end credits theme.
  • Sound: Unlock Software, MGWSOUNDDESIGN. These are relatively generic sound effects, but they've served us pretty well. Sound was honestly a bit of an afterthought because I never play any game with the sound on, ever, although I understand some people do.
  • Code Libraries: Fingers: Touch Gestures for Unity by DigitalRuby. This was a crutch at the beginning of development because we didn't know how to handle cross platform mobile gestures, but it turns out it's easier than we thought. If we were to do it again we probably wouldn't use it, but it was very helpful when we were just starting.

All told we spent about $100 on all the assets. It would have been a lot more money if we had hired freelancers for art and music, but the quality would have been higher as well, so that's a trade off we might do differently in future games.

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